The research of certain aspects of the relationship between men and women
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The research of certain aspects of the relationship between men and women

The research of the relationship between men and women

For St. Valentine’s Day, we offer to familiarize with the Ukrainians vision of certain aspects of relations between men and women. So:

  • One-third of men and only every fifth woman consider that «real man should not show his feelings». This thesis is more likely to be shared be people of middle and older age, ordinarily married, more often in the villages than in the cities. The West has appeared the most conservative on this issue – almost 40% of respondents there agreed with the thesis that real man should not show his feelings; for instance, in the Center and East, the number of such respondents is two times smaller. More open in showing their feelings are people with higher level of education, youth, civil marriage couples, and divorced.
  • Only about 20% of men and women consider that «woman should not take sexual initiative». Meanwhile, married people (or those, who have had marriage experience in the past) are more likely to support this approach in comparison with single people. The higher the level of financial welfare, the more tolerant people are toward sexual relations issues. It is quite natural that older people, being more traditional and conservative in their convictions, tend to approve this hypothesis more than young and middle age people.
  • 55% of men and 49% of women agree that «for men sex is more important than for women». Moreover, the most likely to approve this thesis are unmarried people and those in civil marriage. At the same time, big difference in the opinions of various age groups has not been revealed.
  • Almost 60% of women consider that «there is nothing wrong if wife draws attention of other men». Meanwhile, almost half of men approved this statement.
  • At the same time, almost 60% of men consider that «there is nothing wrong if husband pays attention to other women aside from wife». Women were much more critical in their assessments – only 38% agreed with this statement.
  • The younger the respondents and the higher their education, the more liberal their views on acceptable freedom of both women and men are. The most liberal viewpoints are demonstrated by civil marriage couples. In the villages opinions regarding this issue are much more conservative as compared to the cities; it is more common for Western and Central Ukraine.

The survey is conducted by Information and Analytical Centre «RATING Pro» based on the results of Sociological Group «Rating» national poll. During 1-6 October 2015, 1800 of respondents were interviewed. The margin of error does not exceed 2,4%.


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