The attitude of Ukrainians to foreign languages
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The attitude of Ukrainians to foreign languages

The attitude of Ukrainians to foreign languages

According to the study of Analytical Center RATING Pro, Ukrainians rather ambiguous rated their own knowledge level of foreign languages and find English the most useful for studying, especially for children

  • To the question "What are two languages in addition to mother’s tongue would be most useful to know for you for self-development?". The majority (66%) prefer English. Ukrainians put German in the second place(17%). Next are Russian (14%), Polish (10%), French (7%) and Italian (4%).
  • The vast majority of respondents (85%) believe that learning English is more useful for future of their children. Almost a third of respondents (29%) consider  German. Next are Russian (14%), Polish (11%) and French (10%).
  • However, 40% of respondents believe that children should start to learn a foreign language in early childhood (20% - in 3-4 years, 20% - in 5-6 years), third - from the first class, 16% - from the third class 2% - in high school. Only 1% believes that compulsory learning a foreign language is not required.
  • The majority of surveyed Ukrainians identified material factors as the main advantages of learning a foreign language: the possibility to work in another country (57%), the possibility to get a better job in Ukraine (49%), the opportunity to study in another country (47%), using language at work (37%) or on holiday abroad (31%).
  • The results of subjective assessments of language skills, the average index of knowing Ukrainian is 2.5 points (where 3 - "very good", 2 - "good", 1 - "entry-level" 0 - "do not know"), Russian - 2.3 points, English - 0.6 points, German - 0.2 points.

The survey is conducted by Sociological Group «Rating» on order of Analytical Center RATING Pro. During 21-28 June 2016, 2200 respondents were interviewed throughout Ukraine (except the occupied territories of Crimea and part of the Donbas). The margin of error does not exceed 2,1%.

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